The top-voted inventions!

👏 After 02 weeks of voting on the contest website ( 👏 We have seen 2460 votes for 17 inventions. Thank you for your involvement. The contest is ongoing, and each invention brings to someone’s life such adorable values. They can be anyone, anywhere. With your sharing and reaction in this contest, we believe that...

The contest’s new dates📢

We want to inform you of the extension of the contest one more month. The new events are as following: 🎯Invention submission deadline: 30 September 👍Closing of the voting: 6 October 🏅Award ceremony: 22 October

Be creative to make life more beautiful!

Be creative to make life more beautiful! That was one of the cheers that the contest brought to the public. Here, please watch a short reportage video introducing the contest that has been and is taking place.  

ANNOUCEMENT – New submission deadline

📢 We would like to announce that the new deadline for submitting inventions is September 30, 2021. Stay tuned to our next announcements for the new date of the vote closing and award ceremony (tentatively in October 2021)

Have you voted yet?

Have you voted yet? After 1 week activating the Vote on the contest website ( We have recorded thousands of votes. 👏 Thank you for your involvement. 👉 Please stay tune for coming inventions of Homemade with hearth contest 2021. 👉 And Vote for your favourite inventions. ✔ You can vote for more than one...


📢📢 We now open the voting system for most like inventions at: 👉 Choose your favorite invention(s) and click on the “Vote Now” button just next to the invention. 📅 By end of September 5th, we will know who win the two prizes of public votes. 👉 And don’t wait to share the inventions...

The Homemade With Heart 2021

Cuộc thi Homemade with heart 2021 diễn ra từ ngày 10 tháng 7 đến ngày 20 tháng 9. Cuộc thi này nhằm trao thưởng cho các đồ vật sáng tạo, đơn giản hoặc thích ứng để cải thiện chất lượng cuộc sống của người khuyết tật.

Homemade with heart contest ending

The Homemade with Heart contest, 2020 edition is now closed. We’re received 30 applications, there have been more than 6500 votes on the website and thousands of likes and comments on social medias. All these were more than we were hoping for. Our sincere thanks to all the applicants, the voters and the supporters for...


Last chance for applications The homemade with heart contest closes on the 31st of August – you only have a few more days to submit your invention. Do not wait!


As we are still receiving applications, we are extending the Homemade with Heart contest. And here are the new dates: > We will soon be opening the PUBLIC VOTES: from the 17th of August, people will then be able to vote for their favorite invention – more info here. Public votes will be closed on...

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