Discover some of the inventions proposed during the French and Belgian contests!


Aid for ground transfer

Florence is a mom with brittle bone disease.So that she could play on the ground with her 20 month old daughter, she built, with the help of a friend, a cardboard piece of furniture on which she can, from her wheelchair, transfer to the ground thanks to bearings.
It is light, so she can even move it on her own according to her needs.

Rainbow pallet

Clément is 31 years old and uses his own wheelchair.

He decided to create the Rainbow Pallet, a support allowing to cross all the “small steps” which one finds everywhere: entry of a house, threshold of a door

Head restraint for wheelchair

In the establishment where Loïc works, he is required to transport children and young adults in their manual or electric wheelchairs in a fitted vehicle.

Most are not equipped with head restraints. That’s why he made a headrest that slides between the beneficiary’s head and the back of the wheelchair.

Autonomous breakfast

This invention was made by Edouard for a 6-year-old girl with some motor difficulties, who could not prepare her breakfast alone.

He therefore imagined two supports allowing her to prepare her hot chocolate independently.

The customized can opener

In the pediatric medico-social establishment in which Loïc works, he supports young people in activities of daily life, including cooking.

Some young people have difficulty opening cans due to neuromotor or organic disorders (amputation or agenesis of an upper limb).

There are technical aids in the trade but expensive, sometimes impractical, unsuitable or not transportable.

This is why he designed an easy to implement, light, space-saving, and versatile system (all preserved, whatever their shape but also the cans).

The adapted coat

Aurore is a 34-year-old seamstress mom with a neuromuscular disorder. Rewarded twice in a row by the public in 2015 and 2016 in France, she returns with an invention intended for Chloé.

Suffering from infantile spinal muscular atrophy, Chloé wanted a coat suitable for her wheelchair but also for her tastes as a little girl! Aurore then made her a cloak-cape.

The door closer

Elodie, 31, uses a wheelchair for a neuromuscular disorder.

Today, she is not independent when she wants to close a door.

Her husband, Yann, an electromechanic, imagined a system of pitons for only € 2 which made her daily life easier.

Shoes at the right place

Magalie is the mother of Clémence, 7 years old, a little girl with psychomotor retardation.

As she finds it difficult to put her shoes on the right foot, she decided to invent a simple but effective trick: stick designs on the shoes to differentiate the right foot from the left foot!