Foot bands

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Author: Phương Liên -SV-KPHCN-ĐHKT Y tế Hải Dương

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🎗 Foot bands

Studying at the hospital and working with patients, Phuong Lien, a student of the Rehabilitation Department, Hai Duong Medical Technical University, observed that many patients with muscular weakness or walking with foot drop affected ankle joints, knees, hips, spine and gait.

So, Ms. Lien has developed a homemade product that can support that drooping foot to a position perpendicular to the shin, thereby improving gait problems, walking function for patients. And the patient will also be more confident when walking and participating in daily life activities.

This device is for everyone because it is easy to make, easy to use, and low cost…It is made from 2 cloth bands (one above and one below the knee ), an elastic band and an iron hook. When using, position the 2 cloth bands above and below the knee, extend the elastic band and hook it to the sandals at the toes areas (wearing sandals is required).

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