Hand rest splint

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Hand rest splint

Weakness, hemiplegia, or spasticity of the upper limbs are common for patients with brain lesion (stroke, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy). The disease often makes the patient’s fingers/hands/wrists spastic, flexed and deformed. The product of hand rest splint is a simple and creative idea from Thuy Duong, an OT, to help patients overcome the conditions.

The product is made of an aluminum or plastic sheet that is cut in the shape and size of the patient’s hand and forearm, then glue and tape are used to attach the velcro to the positions of fingers, palm, wrist and forearm.

When taking a rest or sleeping, the patient can wear this product, the pieces of velcro keep the fingers/palm/wrist of the hand resting neatly on the aluminum or plastic sheet, keeping the hand from being spastic, flexed or deformed. Thanks to this, the patients can perform daily activities easily such as grasping or holding things.

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