Special pen

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Author: Ms. Trang - Trung tâm Phát triển Sức khỏe Bền Vững (VietHealth)

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Special pen 🖋

Trang, an officer of the Center for Sustainable Health Development (VietHealth), has worked with children with disabilities and seen lots of difficulties, particularly for children with cerebral palsy. One of the main challenges for this group of children is holding a pen to write when they reach school age.

Trang used familiar objects to make a special pen that enables children with cerebral palsy (or stroke, TBI patients) to write more easily. The materials include a ballpoint pen (or pencil), binder clip, scotch tape to fix the joint, and a core of paper tape (or plastic pipe core, metal core) with the size adjusted according to the hand size and spasticity level of the user.

The pen is fixed by a binder clip attached to the tape core, and the grasping part is the adjusted tape core. When writing, the user can grasp the tape core, the index and middle fingers clamp tightly to the pen body.

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