Humanity & Inclusion has been working in Vietnam for over 30 years, supporting projects on rehabilitation, road safety, inclusive education, maternal and child health, livelihoods, HIV/AIDS prevention and supporting emergency responses following natural disasters.

Currently, HI is running a nation-wide rehabilitation project, focusing on improving the quality of rehabilitation care for persons with brain lesions (stroke, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, spina bifida).

Assisting persons with disabilities has long been one of the top priorities for the U.S. Government in Vietnam.Since 1989, with the establishment of the U.S. Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Leahy War Victims Fund (LWVF), USAID has worked to increase access to a wide variety of programs benefiting people with disabilities in conflict-affected countries.In Vietnam, U.S. assistance has helped to improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities, by addressing medical and social needs, improving disability policies, and reducing physical and social barriers.

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MCNV aim to enhance fair and sustainable access to resources and services that improve the health and (social) inclusion of marginalized people in developing countries in South East Asia.

ACDC aims to contribute to improve living and legal rights of persons with disabilities & other vulnerable groups in Vietnam to be fully and equally integrated into society.

In Vietnam, JICA is cooperating with several stakeholders to provide comprehensive assistance for Vietnam’s nation building with a fair society through promoting economic growth, strengthening international competitiveness, supporting vulnerable groups and enhancing governance.